Agricultural Society Benazzi

Managed by Benazzi Family for three generations, the “Agricultural Society Productions Horticultural Benazzi” Pomposa Codigoro (FE), was formed in 2003. Adriano and Luciano Benazzi, starting from the management of a fund of about 14 hectares, in part it inherited from father and partly found by other heirs, mainly specialized horticultural produce.

Over time, the company, whose headquarters are located near the Abbey of Pomposa (FE) and with different land immersed in the Valle Giralda, is becoming more significant economic importance in the panorama of the agricultural reality of the municipality of Codigoro, as well as ever more it affirmed its production of highly specialized horticultural, which is placed directly in the fourth range, in supermarkets and exported abroad.

Today, the “Agricultural Society Productions Horticultural Benazzi SS”, which has since joined in the management also the son of Luciano, Nicholas, and with the assistance of his nephew Alberto, is a solid company that thanks to the experience gained over many years of work, a total of leads about 200 hectares of land, using farm labor for about 5,000 days a year and represents an important reality for the territory, a fine example of professionalism, efficiency and ability to invest.


The corporate office is located in an area of ​​approximately 10,000 square meters property, Pomposa Codigoro ( FE ) , in Via Lovara , 53 . The 2,000 square meters of covered, built in 2003 property includes a part used for offices , dressing rooms and bathrooms , and is being expanded . In the warehouse where processing ns is directly effected . product we have 4 cold storage with a storage capacity of about 5000 q leaf product , of which two cells with controlled atmosphere predisposition . We employ state of the art machinery for processing of Ns . product ; as regards melon and watermelon , the product is selected , calibrated and brushed by a special sizer ; while as regards the product in leaf , we have a plant for the dry processing of the fresh product just collected , and a plant carrying out the process in water , depending on the needs of the customer .



We follow the product from the time of transplantation, the final delivery to our. clients; Transplants of ns. Products are made in accordance with the periods established by a ns. program for each individual product, in order to give to the scaling collected and be able to ensure the supply of fresh products for the whole commercial season of the same. Harvesting is done by qualified personnel with years of experience and followed directly by the owners of our company. company; It is collected and stored directly on ns. fields and planted in large boxes and bins suitable for food; It is subsequently loaded on ns. means and transported directly into ns. warehouse. A part of the product is immediately worked, while a part of the product is stored in ns. appropriate cells managed by a fully computerized system.

The product is checked daily by the time of collection to the time of the ns. warehouse. On all our. products are made periodically analysis to demonstrate conformance of the same. The processing thus takes place directly in the ns. warehouse, the goods are checked, calibrated and brushed according to the daily orders we receive from our. customers and on the basis of previously established programs. This finished product is placed in packaged depending on the product and the requirements of our. customers and shipped directly to them by authorized means.