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Certification that offers a competitive advantage tool especially in business to business relationships, and offers us the opportunity to respond to requests from European clients who increasingly require the adoption of international standards.

GLOBALG.A.P defines the production standards of the shared vegetables and accepted by the major groups of European distribution, and represents a real Guideline for Good Agricultural Practices.

Agricola Benazzi SS
Agricola Benazzi SS


This type of certification B2C (business to consumer) is a quality assurance system aims to offer guarantees of quality and food safety from the field (agricultural phase) at the shop counter.

This certification, which is required by German distribution chains guarantees the quality of products and to ensure a production base capable of meeting the needs of the distribution implies that adherence to this program QS obligations producers to be checked by an inspection body recognized.


This module refers to a standard for inspections of good social practices;

Especially towards the health and safety of workers, focusing on the evaluation of basic indicators of potential social risks at the level of farms.

Agricola Benazzi SS