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The products of Benazzi Agricultural Society are collected directly in our laboratories. fields and processed c / o ns. warehouses by qualified personnel; The product is carefully prepared, packed in custom packaging and shipped directly in the large distributions and the various applicants markets.

Part of the product (on customer request) is sent semi-worked.

Who we are
Società Agricola Benazzi
Società Agricola Benazzi

Where we are

The headquarters of the Benazzi Agricultural Society is situated in the municipality of Codigoro, a short walk from the Abbey of Pomposa (important site dating from the ninth century and ranked one of the most important in northern Italy); our soils are largely incorporated in the Giralda Valley area to area, lagoon valley of the Po Delta between the branch of Goro and the Po ‘Volano.

Where we are


  • Netted melon and Smooth

  • Cocomere Round

  • Cocomere Red Mini

  • Radicchio and Tondo Along with periods of spring collections, autumn and winter

  • Cicora Sugarloaf

  • Pumpkins in different varieties potatoes carrots

  • Cauliflower and cabbage

  • Rice

  • Grain cultivation (corn – sweet corn and hard – soybean)

  • Nursery of Swiss chard seed-bearing

Società Agricola Benazzi

Agricultural Society Benazzi

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Our products are grown only from us!

We think all of us ...

The horticultural Benazzi Agricultural Society is collected in our agricultural land


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Rely on Agricultural Society Benazzi, collection and processing is done in our stable


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Company Benazzi Agricola deals directly sold to large retailers

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